MORE Chess Opening Move Strategies


The most important principle of chess openings is development. If you can develop more pieces in the opening than your opponent, then you control the mid and eventually end game - increasing your chances of checkmate. Chess Openings are defined as the first few moves of a chess game. Reference: Chess Opening Strategy 1: The French Defense Winawer The French Defense is one of the best known, and effective openings at black's disposal. Move 1: e4 e6 e4 - Moving the King Pawn two spaces forward is the most common move played in professional and amateur chess. e6 - Moving the king pawn a conservative one space forward is the defining move of the French Defense. Although it does not control the center squares as e4 does, it can lead to many strong positions. Nimzovich in the book, "My System" made a case that the best ploy by white was to move d4 on the second move and e5 on the third move and go for a space … [Read more...]